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Common Misconceptions About Addiction

Drug addiction is a very serious and complicated disease. Since it doesn’t affect any two people the same way, there are a great number of misconceptions regarding abuse, recovery, treatment, and rehab. So, what works for one individual may not work for someone else. It is practically impossible to make generalizations when it comes to addiction, but that doesn’t stop people from doing this. This is where myths about the disease come in.

Here are some misconceptions about addiction. This is a good guide to refer to if there is a loved one facing the challenge of addiction.

Relapse is a Sign of Weakness

Addiction is a very powerful disease, due to this, developing a dependence on a certain substance or relapsing after being treated has nothing to do with willpower or weakness. There are intense cravings that cause the inability to stop, despite any negative consequences. Then, depending on the substance involved, a physical dependence may also exist, which makes recovery that much harder.

If a Doctor Prescribes It You Can’t Become Addicted

When someone hears the term drug addition, they typically think about substances like cocaine and heroin. However, prescription medicines are just as habit-forming and dangerous. Prescriptions of “addictive medicines” are up by 3% over the last five years. The number of people taking painkillers who weren’t prescribed them is thought to be pushing 8%.

Addicts are Deadbeats

While it is true that addiction can eventually lead to unemployment, as well as homelessness if left untreated. Many of the people who suffer from addiction are able to hold down a job and function just fine in society for years or even decades. When it comes down to it, there is no way to look at a person and know that they are dealing with a substance abuse disorder.

If you are trying to get over a substance abuse disorder, enrolling in an affordable drug and alcohol rehab center is important. The opportunity for a new life depends on finding the right clinic. Take the time to learn about Addiction Recovery Centre. They are an industry leading authority on addiction. Visit the website to find out today. It’s time to get away and focus on yourself.